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Why you can't miss our Hammer and Pump Indicator 🔨💥

We're not interested in selling you smoke and mirrors or telling you that we think you "naturally" have success written in your destiny.

Our community is based on trust and real connections with each other. What we do believe in, and are professionals at, is the development of tools that can greatly multiply your profitability.

That's why we are here to tell you about our Hammer and Pump indicator.

Our Hammer and Pump indicator

It merges two powerful analytical tools: Bollinger Bands and the Average True Range (ATR).

However, the real magic lies in the integration of Machine Learning algorithms. We have developed these algorithms so that the indicator can contribute significantly to two key elements for your trading:

Learn and adapt. Repeat, evolve, repeat. And so on.

Allowing you to significantly improve your position in changing market conditions by continuously improving accuracy and relevance with each executed trade (the more you use it, the more opportunities you give it to work better and better in your favor).

Bollinger Bands and Average True Range

Bollinger Bands, known for their ability to adapt to market volatility, provide a bird's eye view of potential overbought and oversold levels.

The ATR, on the other hand, measures volatility by taking into account the full range of price movements.

By combining these tools with Artificial Intelligence, the Hammer And Pump Indicator not only detects opportunities based on price position, but also anticipates future movements with an accuracy that continues to generate very positive results every day.

Some characteristics of our Hammer And Pump Indicator

Bollinger Bands with dynamic properties: These bands adapt to market volatility, offering overbought/oversold levels and customizable periods and deviations for tailored signals.

Average True Range (ATR) Filter: Enhances Bollinger Bands by taking volatility into account, allowing for potentially more accurate signals and a complete view of price movements.

Visual indicators: Clear icons and color changes on trend lines promote quick interpretation of buy/sell opportunities.

Machine Learning Integration: The indicator learns and adapts to new trends, providing you with superior predictive capabilities and remarkable accuracy.

Flexibility and Adaptability: You can customize the parameters according to your preferences and the indicator will adjust to changing market conditions (working great especially for the crypto market).

Clear visuals and intuitive signals: Clear layout ensures effortless signal interpretation and quick decision making. Reduces by a large percentage the visual noise that some platforms generate with so many notifications, especially at times of high movement.


This unique tool from Smart Trading Indicators is a revolutionary tool that combines cutting-edge AI and established technical analysis to deliver accurate and actionable trading signals. We, with our team, use it daily in our trading and we want you to be able to take full advantage of it as well.

Have you seen the most important news in the world market today? We comment on them daily in our community on Telegram.

Don't forget we're always just a click away. Thanks for reading, trader!


For this article, prompts have been used to request information

interpreted and provided by AI (Google Bard). Written and edited

by Kevin David Terán and verified by Pedro Arizaleta and Erwin Sánchez


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