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Profitable Plan

Dive into the market's pulse with our insights.

Then harness our cutting-edge trading tools to capitalize on opportunities.

Free trial Smart trading indicators AI
Red free trial Smart trading indicators AI
  • Lifetime Plan 💎Full Pass A.I Indicators

    • Full Access to Our Suite of A.I Trading View Indicators (11)
    • Auto-Tune Parameters (based on A.I market conditions)
    • Immediate Access to New Indicators and Strategies
    • Optimized Parameters for All Markets and Timeframes
    • Weekly Delivery of New Fresh Backtesting Assets Results
    • Weekly Delivery of Updated Parameters for all Markets Assets
    • Progressive Strategy Releases
    • Diverse Trading: Parameters for all markets
    • Instant Updates: Stay informed with the latest tools
    • Exclusive Discounts: Savings on future offerings
    • Priority Support: Faster customer assistance
    • Early App Access: Try our app first on App Store & PlayStore
    • Exclusive Integrations and Automations Brokers and Exchanges
    • Hammer And Pump 🔨💣 A.I (TradingView Indicator)
    • Shadow Trend🔥 A.I (TradingView Indicator)
    • Buy or Sell Estimation✅ A.I (TradingView Indicator)
    • Hybrid Trends A.I 🧬 (TradingView Indicator)
    • Bull or Bear Attack Direction🐂 A.I (TradingView Indicator)
    • Hull 💎 A.I (TradingView Indicator)
    • Range Signals 🚨 A.I (TradingView Indicator)
    • Glory Channel Signals💸 A.I (TradingView Indicator)
    • Channel Trend Signals🛎️ A.I (TradingView Indicator)
    • Buy or Sell Ribbon 🟢🔴 A.I (TradingView Indicator)
    • Time to Buy or Sell ⏰ A.I (TradingView Indicator)
    • Broader and diversified market view
    • More informed decision-making
    • Robust strategy
    • TradingView Customizable Alerts
    • ATR Filter
    • Colored signals displayed on-chart
    • Integrated Indicator Automated Strategy
    • Customizable Parameters
    • Strategy Backtesting On-chart Capability
    • Auto Risk Management On-chart
    • Auto-adjustable parameters
    • Compatible with all timeframes and markets
    • Recommended auto-adjustable backtested strategies for BTC
    • Recommended auto-adjustable backtested strategies for ETH
    • Customizable Strategy Parameters
    • Auto Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL)
    • Auto Trailing Stop Loss
    • Buy and Sell Signals
    • Entry and Exit Logic

Additional Details

Compatibility and Requirements:

⚡ Platform Ready:

All our indicators are fully compatible with TradingView free and premium accounts.

📊 No TradingView Premium Needed:

You can fully utilize our indicators without a TradingView premium account. Currently, all our indicators have integrated on-chart backtesting.

Unique Benefits:

🆓 Exclusive Features:

Full pass subscribers will receive new indicators and new strategies every week and every month, as well as auto-adjustable backtested parameters with auto-risk management for all financial markets and all timeframes.

💎 Exclusive Releases:

Holders of the Full Pass AI Trading View Indicators subscription will be the first to receive our innovative indicators with added features as they launch. 

🏆 Stay Ahead:

With the Full Pass, you're always in the loop. Get immediate access to our latest indicators and tools as soon as they roll out.

Exclusive Advancements for
💎 Full Pass Holders

In keeping with our pledge to provide advanced solutions, all our indicators now come equipped with auto-adjustable backtested parameters and auto-risk management specifically optimized for BTC and ETH across all timeframes.


Over the coming weeks, we'll be further refining our indicators to present our users with recommended parameters tailored for all financial markets and timeframes. This means that whether you're trading stocks like AAPL, forex pairs like EUR/USD, or even commodities like GOLD and more, we'll provide backtested strategies to ensure optimal performance.


While users currently have the freedom to utilize their custom parameters for any market and timeframe to achieve significant profits, our recommended settings will be released progressively to guide your trading decisions for the best results.

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