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Trading at the pace of Scalping: Hunting pips at lightning speed 🌟

Today we bring you a technique to obtain short-term profits that you can apply to all markets.

Very attentive because we are going to explore the concept, its advantages and disadvantages, the tools necessary to do it, the best markets and times to do it, the associated risks and tips to do it effectively.

What is scalping in trading?

A trading technique that we use to obtain profits quickly.

It consists of opening and closing positions in a short period of time, generally a few seconds or minutes, with the aim of obtaining small profits on each operation. It is based on the idea that small fluctuations in prices can be exploited, with the right tools, to make profits. There are different types of scalping:

El scalping manual: It is done with your own hands.

Automatic scalping: using specialized software.

Directional scalping: we are guided by the direction of the market

Range scalping: Take market volatility as a base point.

Advantages of scalpingIt has several advantages compared to other trading strategies.

  • It allows you to obtain short-term profits with a high frequency of operations. This means we can make profits quickly and reinvest them in new operations.

  • It gives us the ability to minimize risk by keeping positions open for a short period of time.

  • It does not require large market movements to make profits. The scalper looks for small fluctuations in prices and takes advantage of them to make profits. This means that the scalper can trade in markets with low volatility and still make profits.

  • Because positions are kept open for a short period of time, less capital is required to cover potential losses.

Necessary tools for scalping in trading

To scalp in trading, it is almost 100% necessary to use specialized tools that allow you to analyze prices and make informed decisions about when to open and close positions. 

Some common tools used by scalpers They include price charts, technical indicators and specialized software. Price charts allow you to visualize the evolution of the asset's price over time. The technical indicators we have developed they provide you, thanks to the incredible power of AI, to access information, interpret it, create faster responses considering the direction of the market, price volatility among many other factors.

All this with a machine learning algorithm that will get better the more you use it.

And all automated and with an interactive and super modern design.

What are the best markets for scalping trading?

The most popular ones include the Forex market, the futures market, and the cryptocurrency market.The Forex market is one of the most popular for scalping due to its high liquidity and volatility. Be careful, it can be overwhelming the first time due to the number of movements.

The futures market too, due to its high liquidity and low transaction costs. The crypto market is relatively new to the world of scalping but has gained popularity among traders due to its high volatility and profit opportunities.


Scalping, with its frenetic pace and the promise of quick profits, can be an attractive strategy that once we know, we want to run to put it into practice.

However, as we always tell you, it is not a magic formula for success. 

Requiring quick decision making and precise risk management, it can be mentally exhausting. In addition, commissions and spreads can significantly affect profitability.

In short, it is not a strategy for everyone. But you have a community that supports you and is willing to accompany you to achieve those results we want.

We continue learning with our content on YouTube and we will see you in our next article.


For this article, prompts have been used to request information

interpreted and provided by AI (Google Bard). Written and edited

by Kevin David Terán and verified by Pedro Arizaleta and Erwin Sánchez

Happy trader day!



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