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Trading: A Career Path with Endless Possibilities 🚀🙌🏼

Imagine you own a bakery. You have to worry about suppliers, employees, rent, and a thousand other variables. Trading is different.

Your battlefield is in front of a screen where your clicks are your cards.

We know. Trading can seem like a complex and intimidating activity, but when you connect with the essence, it's a pretty simple business.

Both the novice trader and the most experienced trader in the world see the same price fluctuations at the same time. They have the same information, and the only thing that sets them apart are their decisions and when they make them.

That's the real trick.

How long does it take to become a profitable trader?

Would it be possible to do it in 6 months? 1 year? 5 years?

It is very likely that with the right advice, you can become a profitable trader relatively quickly, even getting results in your first few weeks.

In 6 months, it would be a challenge, but by investing the time and resources correctly, you could be in the green. Don't be fooled, you won't make millions in just 6 months, but you can get a foundation of profitability.

The market has opportunities for everyone

The market treats a top hedge fund manager the same as a curious college student who started doing numbers on their laptop. Both can see prices and news in real time and make decisions live and direct.

There are no memberships or VIP passes, the market is the great equalizer.

How to take advantage of opportunities

Your success as a trader depends to a large extent on your intelligence, education, or experience. But what will truly give you tangible results will be your ability to develop and execute profitable trading strategies in which you can manage your risk effectively.

All the experience, time, and money of the traders who have been in the market for years cannot buy you additional seconds ahead of you.

So, when you're looking at the screen watching the rise of Tesla or Bitcoin stocks in the news, remember: everyone else is doing it too. It's all about what you do with that information.

Now, at this point, experienced traders can take a lot of advantage, especially if they are working with AI-based tools like the ones we have developed.

Time to start: let's make a plan

Here is a very simple outline that you can follow during your first 6 months:

Months 1 and 2: Let's get the basics.

Focus on the fundamentals. Learn the different types of orders, analysis, and how to manage the risk of the investments that you think best suit your goals, your potential capital, and in which or which markets you would be interested in entering (and how it suits you according to your geographic location). Don't make it complicated, simple works at this point.

Month 3: Develop a strategy and test it with backtesting.

When you have a good foundation, create at least three trading strategies. Define your entry and exit criteria as well as the risk management rules and the market you are going to enter. Once you have done this, take advantage of backtesting to check the feasibility of your strategy before trading with real money.

Month 4: Start investing prudently.

Once you are satisfied with your strategy (which you can share with us for support in what you need), it's time to start investing with real money. Start with a small amount and trade with patience.

Big gains won't appear immediately. The key at this point is to develop your skills and learn from your mistakes.

Month 5: Evaluate your operations and adjust your strategy.

Keep a journal of all your transactions. Numbers don't lie. Use the information obtained to adjust your strategy and thus improve your results.

Month 6: Optimize, diversify, and be patient.

In the last month, optimize your strategy. This may involve adjusting the entry and exit criteria, or adding new strategies to diversify your portfolio.

From here on, the key is discipline and patience, and above all, making the most of time in the smartest possible way.

And that's why we want to be with you shoulder to shoulder, giving you the best resources.

We have prepared a training of more than 100 hours of content with theories and techniques that we will review with you through live practices using a professional broker called "Interactive Brokers", considered the best in the world, used by banks, large investment funds, and leading cryptocurrencies (Binance and ByBit) worldwide.

If you want to multiply your chances of becoming a profitable trader significantly, enter here and discover all the details.

We will be delighted to welcome you to our Telegram community to clarify your doubts and keep you up-to-date with constant analysis and relevant news from the global market on a daily basis.

We are waiting for you!


For this article, prompts have been used to request information

interpreted and provided by AI (Google Bard). Written and edited

by Kevin David Terán and verified by Pedro Arizaleta and Erwin Sánchez



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